EvoFit Division

Our primary goals in EvoFit’s fitness system is to be truly functionally fit, be strong to be useful and to have functional longevity.

EvoFit is a proprietary fitness system that has evolved by combining the best aspects of calisthenics, gymnastics, Yoga, Pilates, Parkour and strong man. This makes EvoFit a unique and holistic physical training system.

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ClassesOur primary goals in EvoFit's Fitness system is to be truly functionally fit and to have longevity in those abilities.


We can’t simply be strong or cardiovascularly fit or focus on a single aspect of fitness. We need to have a more holistic approach to fitness, that includes strength, endurance, mobility, balance, coordination, agility, speed, power, accuracy, stamina, skill, and functional movement.

Junior Fitness

Our primary goals in EvoFit’s Junior Fitness system is build the foundational strength, stability, mobilty and skills to build upon. To achieve this, our Junior Fitness classes are a combination of the normal EvoFit system as well as base skills from the EvoFlight system.

Fitness Packages

Our fitness packages are designed to help you grow and progress every session. We focus on technique that enables you do movements more effectively with less effort which gives you quicker and better results!
EvoFit - Triple

EvoFit 3 classes per week

EvoFit - Quint

EvoFit 5 classes per week

EvoFit - 10 Bundle

EvoFit 10 class bundle

EvoFit - Double

EvoFit 2 classes per week

EvoFit - 5 Bundle

EvoFit 5 class bundle

EvoFit Junior

EvoFit junior class

EvoFit Focus

Semi-private focussed training