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Our Fire division is solely focussed on the use of firearms in defensive or combative contexts.

We have a progressive training system that starts with our combat shooting course that is presented with airsoft firearm replica's. Once completed, you can progress to our live fire training courses and scenario based training.

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ClassesOur goal is to make you a good combat/defensive shooter and not just good at shooting at paper targets.

Combat Pistol

EvoFire has the core purpose of making you a better shooter in a defensive situation.

This requires a much more complete shooting skillset and shooting philosophy where we focus on proprioceptive (point/instictive) shooting as opposed to primarily using sights.

This skillset is very difficult to achieve using real firearms, as the tactical aspects of combat shooting are very difficult to train in a safe manner using live fire training. We therefore use airsoft replica pistols to train these skills.

Always remember that in reality it is more often tactics and strategy that wins the day, not just raw shooting ability. You therefore must learn to fight with your firearm, not just shoot with it.

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