Relax your body

Medissage Therapies provide two main types of treatment, Medical Massage & Wellness Massage.

Prior to each treatment, your therapist will undergo a thorough consultation with you in order to identify your needs and the most suitable treatment to address these needs.

If you would prefer to book a certain type of Massage treatment, then you are welcome to do this, and your therapist will provide a treatment which only utilises the techniques of that certain Massage Therapy type.

Medissage Therapies

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Medical Massage

Medical Massage is the focused use of advanced therapeutic and remedial massage techniques to treat a specific condition and achieve a specific outcome. The techniques utilised are very effective for the treatment of muscoloskeletal dysfunction.

Although a deep pressure is used in order to access the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, the treatment is always done within your pain threshold in order to work with your body to get the best release and relief.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage can help to rehabilitate injuries, prevent injuries and optimise your performance.

Wellness Massage

Wellness Massage is the use of classical massage techniques with a general aim to improve overall health, well-being and stress relief.


Current pricing (subject to change).

  • R500 / hour session

    For non-members of Evo Academy.

  • Standard rate
  • R450 / hour session

    For members of Evo Academy.

  • Member rate
  • 10% discount
  • R400 / hour session

    For members of Evo Academy that add a monthly massage to their membership package.

  • Package rate
  • 20% discount