Frequently asked questions


Are membership contracts longterm?

No, membership fees are charged month to month and to cancel or pause your membership, you can simply give one month’s notice.

What payment types are accepted?

Currently, we only accept EFT payments.

You’ll be issued an invoice every month for payment.


Do you offer any additional amenities?


  • We have bathrooms with room to change and one shower per male/female bathroom.
  • We have an additional large bathroom with a shower as well for disabled persons and supplementary use.
  • We have Wifi for member’s use (requires check-in on Facebook to activate).
  • We have a sitting area for members and parents.

Do you have safe parking?

Yes! We have 36 parking bays and motorised gates that remain closed.

Members can open the gate to the parking area by simply calling a number.


Can I come to any class time-slot?

For the time being, sure. Once we start to fill up, we’ll more strictly implement members’ chosen time-slots or implement a class booking system.

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

We do advise on some particular equipment requirements and suggested footwear on our member registration form.

But in general any workout / gym clothing will do!