Our primary goals in EvoFit’s Fitness system is to be truly functionally fit and to have longevity in those abilities.

To achieve this outcome, we can’t simply be strong or cardiovascularly fit. Those descriptions seem to fit the majority of people, the strong muscular types lifting big weights or the slender types that love to run and cycle.

But why not be both, and more…

Not Just a Gym

Instruction & workout programs

We are not a commercial gym where you are left to your own devices.

You’ll receive personal instruction and guidance through our well balanced programs to guide you to be the best version of yourself.

You’ll learn all the principles of good execution and do a variety of workouts that will keep challenging you as you progress.


Our workouts have 5 focus areas. If you find a balance and achieve similar capabilities in all focus areas, we believe you’ll achieve mastery of your own body.

At a minimum, we should at least be able to push, pull and lift our own body weight.

A common misconception is that calisthenics is limiting in how strong you’re able to get.
In reality however, the strength ceiling is practically unattainable!

We want our muscles to be able to contract over and over again without failing.

This type of workout is thus about muscle endurance.

This is often overlooked in favour of strength, but both are equally important.

Our muscles need oxygen and a pump to deliver it.

This is the engine to the body, the lungs infuse our blood with oxygen and our heart pumps it to our muscles.

This requires conditioning of the cardiovascular system.

The X-factor!

Any system with a poor control system will not work optimally and in certain circumstances may not work at all! Agility is the brain’s ability to understand where the body is in space.

Aerial/body awareness, balance, coordination and control is what sets certain people apart from others; this is the x-factor!

With strength, but a limited range of motion to use it in, you’re at a massive disadvantage.

Poor mobility often leads to injuries as well! Best case scenario, you’re totally inefficient when applying your abilities and will exhaust your muscles sooner than is necessary.

Mobility is not just about static flexibility (although this is part of it), simply put, it’s about strength in full range of motion.


Our workouts are totally customizable to your abilities.

Focus areas as well as exercise scaling can be used to tailor workouts to your abilities and needs.

Free class

We invite you to attend a free class where you can experience our EvoFit Fitness classes and ask questions. Use the booking form below to book a free trial session.


June 14, 2021
  • 6:00 am7:00 am

  • 7:00 am8:00 am

  • 8:00 am9:00 am

  • 4:00 pm5:00 pm

    This class could possibly be replaced with a Junior Fitness class in the future.

  • 5:00 pm6:00 pm


Fees are listed as they apply to a single person joining a division class. See the Join page for details on discounts for families, couples and packages.

  • R750/m

    EvoFit Fitness class.

  • EvoFit - Double
  • 2 classes per week.
  • R900/m

    EvoFit Fitness class.

  • EvoFit - Triple
  • 3 classes per week.
  • R1200/m

    EvoFit Fitness class.

  • EvoFit - Quint
  • 5 classes per week.
  • R600/m

    EvoFit Fitness class for children 14+ and students.

  • EvoFit - Student Double
  • 2 classes per week.
  • R750/m

    EvoFit Fitness class for children 14+ and students.

  • EvoFit - Student Triple
  • 3 classes per week.
  • R350/hour

    EvoFit Fitness private classes.

  • EvoFit - Private
  • Private classes for one or two people with an instructor.
  • R550

    EvoFit Fitness 5 class bundle.

  • EvoFit - Quint Bundle
  • 5 class bundle that can be used any time.
  • Perfect for those with irregular schedules, visitors or holiday time.
  • R1000

    EvoFit Fitness 10 class bundle.

  • EvoFit - Deca Bundle
  • 10 class bundle that can be used any time.
  • Perfect for those with irregular schedules, visitors or holiday time.

Other Classes

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