Evo Academy’s synergistic training system will help you evolve to be physically able and mentally prepared to meet any challenge.


Evo Academy has combined the philosophies and systems of many different physical development systems including natural method and evolved, refined and compartmentalised its principles into a coherent system.

In essence, our 3 pillars of physical ability are:

  • Being strong, agile and mobile
  • Being able to defend yourself
  • Being able to move effortlessly through your environment

We created 3 synergistic divisions that each focus on one of those aspects.

Fit . Fight . Flight

As a result, you will evolve your abilities – physical and mental – to a level you never thought possible.

Even though the Evo concept consists of three components (types of classes offered), you can take part in any combination of the classes offered to evolve and enhance your abilities.

We do however strongly recommend that EvoFit form the foundation of your classes with us.


Strong to be useful

Truly functional fitness training for young and old.
Strength, endurance, conditioning, agility and mobility.

Defuse or dominate

Whether self-defence or anti-bullying, this is a life skill in an uncertain world.

EvoFlight division coming soon…